Better to be lucky than smart?

Thirteen years ago, a doctor had bad Dupuytren contractures. He had been told that he needed surgery if he wanted to straighten his fingers. He didn’t want to take time off his practice for what might be a lengthy recovery after traditional surgery. He found a hand surgeon who was doing needle aponeurotomy – which had […]

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Dupuytren Foundation!

Turkey Day Update! Much has happened since the last Dupuytren Foundation report in July. The International Dupuytren Data Bank (IDDB) averages 100 new enrollees each month. We’re continuing to work out the complicated details of blood testing. If you haven’t enrolled yet, now is the time: Our international research committee continues to grow. So does […]

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Dupuytren’s Disease Support Group Q&A
On: Sep 2, 2016
By: Charles Eaton

Dupuytren disease research questions and answers. Dupuytren advocacy is challenging. One challenge is that many people have never heard the words Dupuytren, or Ledderhose, or Peyronie, including many who have these problems. A larger challenge is that no one knows the root biology of Dupuytren/Ledderhose/Peyronie disease – how it starts, or how to make it […]

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