Survey Results: Musicians with Dupuytren

Survey Results: Musicians with Dupuytren Nearly 200 musicians with Dupuytren took the Nov 2017 Dupuytren Research Group Survey on the impact of Dupuytren disease on playing a musical instrument. All those surveyed had Dupuytren disease. People were asked how bent their fingers were, whether or not they had previous Dupuytren treatment, the impact of Dupuytren […]

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Musicians with Dupuytren: 60 Second Survey
On: Nov 3, 2017
By: Charles Eaton

Musicians with Dupuytren The curse of the MacCrimmons! Dupuytren contracture has been called this because it crippled the MacCrimmons, the famous pipers of the Isle of Skye: the first record of Dupuytren interfering with playing a musical instrument (although some might question whether or not bagpipes are a “musical” instrument). This month’s 60 Second Survey […]

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