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Dupuytren Outreach Milestone

Dupuytren Research Group Outreach and Awareness programs have reached a new milestone: 1000 subscribers to Dupuytren.tv, the Dupuytren Research Group video podcast / YouTube channel. It’s actually a big deal:

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Podcast: Nine Dupuytren Questions

Here’s a fresh podcast reviewing the state of Dupuytren disease in 2019.
In this podcast, Dr. Eaton of the Dupuytren Research Group reviews these 9 topics:

What is Dupuytren Disease? Why do people

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It’s Dupuytren’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Dupuytren!
It may not seem that long ago, but Guillaume Dupuytren was born just 242 years ago today on Oct. 5, 1777. Dupuytren disease goes by his name because

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