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Raise Dupuytren Awareness: Eurordis photo contest

The spectrum of Dupuytren disease The best way to raise awareness of Dupuytren disease is to show people what it looks like. Here’s your chance to represent the Dupuytren community! http://www.eurordis.org/photo-contest  
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Options For Severe Dupuytren Recontracture 2/2

The three traditional treatments for severe recurrent Dupuytren contracture are PIP joint fusion, dermofasciectomy and amputation. These have been reviewed here. The list of alternative approaches is growing, particularly for

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Will Winford’s Dupuytren Challenge: Climbing El Capitán for a Cure

Dupuytren disease is a challenge. So is climbing straight up the side of a tall mountain with your bare hands. Today Will Winford, a 27 year old rock climber with

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