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The Fish Technique for Dupuytren’s: Fasciectomy and Skin Graft

Skin grafts are used in a variety of approaches for Dupuytren’s: to add skin where it has been shortened (fasciotomy and skin graft, fasciectomy and skin graft); to replace skin

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Accidental fasciotomy for Dupuytren’s

Fingers bent by Dupuytren’s can complicate a fall on an outstretched hand: because the fingers can’t stretch back, the force of impact is redistributed, making it more likely to break

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No advantage to open Proximal Interphalangeal Joint release for Dupuytren’s

Proximal interphalangeal joint contractures from Dupuytren’s disease take on a life of their own, persisting after the Dupuytren’s has been removed. One of the arguments for open fasciectomy is that

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