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2016-08-28 Dupuytren Foundation 2016 Mid-Year Report
2016-08-28 Coffee for Dupuytren?
2016-07-12 PrimeDay Supports Dupuytren Foundation
2016-06-08 Magnesium and Dupuytren disease
2016-05-15 Dupuytren Radiotherapy Attitudes
2016-05-04 Pronounce Dupuytren
2016-04-18 Media coverage of Dupuytren Disease
2016-04-15 Dupuytren Heroes Raising Dupuytren Awareness
2016-04-14 Speeding up Dupuytren research
2016-04-06 Dupuytren and Worker Compensation
2016-03-12 Dupuytren Pain and Itching
2016-02-02 First Dupuytren Nodule
2016-01-06 Dupuytren Contracture Procedure Choices
2015-12-11 Dupuytren Disease versus Dupuytren Contracture
2015-12-09 IDDB, biomarkers and big data to cure Dupuytren disease
2015-12-01 GivingTuesday Deal for the Dupuytren Foundation
2015-11-23 IDDB Research for a Cure: Enrollment is Open
2015-11-13 Three types of Dupuytren disease?
2015-11-12 Raise Dupuytren Awareness: Eurordis photo contest
2015-09-30 Options For Severe Dupuytren Recontracture 2/2
2015-09-22 Will Winford’s Dupuytren Challenge: Climbing El Capitán for a Cure
2015-07-29 The Knowledge Gap
2015-07-19 Blue Eyes, Dupuytren Disease, and Alcoholism
2015-07-01 2015 International Symposium on Dupuytren Disease
2015-03-27 Options for Severe Dupuytren recontracture 1/2
2015-03-04 Radiation and Dupuytren disease
2014-12-30 Therametrics: Possible Dupuytren Drugs
2014-12-03 Google Glass and Dupuytren Procedures
2014-12-03 Dupuytren Foundation Interviews: What research needs to be done?
2014-11-14 Dupuytren Foundation Matching Gift Opportunity
2014-11-09 Big data editorial
2014-11-06 Dupuytren Minute Message: Sports and exercise 3
2014-10-30 Video Interviews: What would hand surgeons want for their own Dupuytren disease?
2014-10-30 Dupuytren Minute Message: Sports and Exercise 2
2014-10-23 Dupuytren Minute Message: Sports and Exercise:
2014-07-29 International Dupuytren Society Survey Now Available
2013-08-18 2013 Update
2013-06-16 Botox and Dupuytren Disease?
2012-12-31 Dupuytren Foundation 2012 Annual Report
2012-11-10 2012: New Dupuytren’s Textbook Publication
2011-10-09 A new Dupuytren’s research project has launched!
2011-09-25 Medical research: I have nodules but no contractures. What can I do?
2011-02-20 Dupuytren Roundtable Discussions
2010-12-31 Dupuytren Foundation 2010 Report
2010-10-12 2010 Dupuytren’s Symposium Screensaver. Mysterious, like Dupuytren’s
2010-10-11 Miami Dupuytren Symposium spurs new research: Report from Dupuytren’s Day at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Handchirurgie (German Society for Surgery of the Hand – DGH)
2010-10-10 Swimming the English Channel to Support Dupuytren’s Research
2010-10-02 Video: I was a Teenage Myofibroblast (and I loved it!)
2010-09-25 The Secret Life of Myofibroblasts: Dr. Boris Hinz reveals all!
2010-09-19 Dupuytren’s vs. Burns! Video: Dr. Paul Zidel at the 2010 Miami Dupuytren Symposium
2010-09-16 Video: Professor Millesi at the Miami Dupuytren’s Symposium
2010-09-13 Dr. Meinel presents a new concept of Dupuytren’s at the Miami Dupuytren Symposium
2010-09-06 Dr. Paul Werker presents at the 2010 Dupuytren Symposium
2010-09-03 The search for a cure
2010-08-29 Video: Dr. Rayan at the 2010 Miami Dupuytren Symposium
2010-08-22 Video: Dr. Osterman at the 2010 Miami Dupuytren Symposium
2010-08-17 Video: Dr. Wolfgang Wach at the 2010 Dupuytren Symposium
2010-08-11 Video Presentations of the 2010 Miami Dupuytren Symposium on YouTube
2010-08-08 Scientific breakthroughs at the Miami Dupuytren Symposium
2010-05-19 Miami International Dupuytren Symposium Breaks New Ground
2010-04-18 Stony Brook Dupuytren Symposium
2010-03-24 Stretching, Myofibroblasts and Dupuytren’s
2010-03-17 Personal experiences with Xiaflex and Needle Aponeurotomy
2010-03-11 Red wine and yellow curry to prevent Dupuytren’s?
2010-03-10 A personal look at Dupuytren’s
2010-03-07 The earliest case of Dupuytren’s? You’ll never guess where.
2010-03-01 Dupuytren’s or palmar fasciitis?
2010-02-28 Metalloproteinases and Dupuytren’s
2010-02-27 Stony Brook Dupuytren Symposium
2010-02-26 Radiotherapy for Dupuytren’s
2010-02-25 Dupuytren’s and other fibroses
2010-02-24 Reimbursement for Needle Aponeurotomy and for Xiaflex
2010-02-23 Dupuytren’s: it’s not just the fascia.
2010-02-23 Alcohol and Dupuytren’s
2010-02-22 Dupuytren Symposium Program Listing
2010-02-19 Is Dupuytren’s an immune problem?
2010-02-18 Similar genes found in Dupuytren’s and Peyronie’s
2010-02-17 Xiaflex Pricing
2010-02-16 Dupuytren’s Demographic Data
2010-02-15 RNA, Growth Factors and Dupuytren’s
2010-02-14 Needle Aponeurotomy and Xiaflex compared
2010-02-14 Dupuytren’s Diathesis
2010-02-13 Growing bent fingers straight
2010-02-11 Cellular biomechanics are the key to Dupuytren’s.
2010-02-10 Fasciectomy: Unsafe at any Speed?
2010-02-08 Frozen Shoulder, Dupuytren’s Cousin
2010-02-07 Flare reaction after fasciectomy for Dupuytren’s
2010-02-06 Genes, enzymes and Dupuytren’s: the alphabet name game.
2010-02-06 Dupuytren’s and Associated Conditions
2010-02-04 LSD as a treatment for Dupuytren’s?
2010-02-03 FDA approves Collagenase for Dupuytren’s
2010-02-02 Dupuytren’s Genes
2010-02-01 Luck and Dupuytren’s
2010-01-31 ß Catenin, Transforming Factor ß and Dupuytren’s
2010-01-30 A Sampling of Patient Information Brochures on Dupuytren’s
2010-01-29 Needle Aponeurotomy for Dupuytren’s
2010-01-28 Dupuytren’s and Transforming Factor Beta Genetics
2010-01-27 Dermofasciectomy reconsidered
2010-01-26 Matrix Metalloproteinases and Dupuytren’s
2010-01-25 Cortisone shots for Dupuytren’s nodules
2010-01-24 Botox and Dupuytren’s
2010-01-23 Feedback Loops in Dupuytren’s
2010-01-21 The New Dupuytren Foundation Web site is live!
2010-01-15 The Dupuytren Symposium is coming!
2010-01-05 Dupuytren’s Review
2010-01-03 Needle Release of Dupuytren’s: 2010 Manual of Technique
2010-01-01 Fifty years of Dupuytren’s Patients Reviewed
2009-12-31 Management strategies for Dupuytren’s
2009-12-29 Homeopathy for Dupuytren’s
2009-12-28 Machines to Stretch Dupuytren’s Cords
2009-12-27 Tissue markers for Dupuytren’s
2009-12-26 Dupuytren’s, epilepsy, barbiturates and genes: a chemical love …triangle.
2009-12-25 Treatment effectiveness for Dupuytren’s needs documentation
2009-12-24 Rock Climbing and Dupuytren’s – an interesting analysis
2009-12-23 How the FDA sees Collagenase for Dupuytren’s
2009-12-22 Abstracts can be misleading
2009-12-21 Myofibroblast Biology
2009-12-20 Pregnancy, Dupuytren’s and Relaxin
2009-12-19 A Surgeon’s Perspective of Dupuytren’s
2009-12-18 To understand Dupuytren’s, first understand women.
2009-12-17 Fasciotomy versus fasciectomy for Dupuytren’s
2009-12-16 Partial Fasciectomy for Dupuytren’s
2009-12-15 TGF-ß2 and Dupuytren’s
2009-12-14 Deformity, aggressiveness and severity of Dupuytren’s
2009-12-13 Sex and Dupuytren’s in Boston
2009-12-12 Monkey model for Dupuytren’s
2009-12-11 What’s old is new in Dupuytren’s
2009-12-10 Nice Overview of Dupuytren Disease
2009-12-09 The potential of cryotherapy and Dupuytren’s
2009-12-08 Is Dupuytren’s work related?
2009-12-07 Vitamin E treatment of Dupuytren’s Contracture
2009-12-05 Not your typical Viking’s Dupuytren’s
2009-12-04 Cell biology and faulty brakes in Dupuytren’s
2009-12-03 Oxygen Free Radicals and Dupuytren’s
2009-12-02 Viking blood, blue eyes and other risk factors for Dupuytren’s
2009-12-01 Sorting out the truth
2009-11-30 Lessons from Peyronie’s for Dupuytren’s
2009-11-29 Looking at Dupuytren’s with MRI
2009-11-27 The Fish Technique for Dupuytren’s: Fasciectomy and Skin Graft
2009-11-25 Accidental fasciotomy for Dupuytren’s
2009-11-24 No advantage to open Proximal Interphalangeal Joint release for Dupuytren’s
2009-11-20 Dupuytren’s and Burns
2009-11-19 Gene Expression in Dupuytren’s
2009-11-18 ß-catenin, Wnt and Dupuytren’s
2009-11-17 Stretching may provoke Dupuytren’s
2009-11-16 The Open Palm Technique for Dupuytren’s
2009-11-15 Chondroitin Sulfate, Dermatan Sulfate and Dupuytren’s
2009-11-14 Open fasciotomy for Dupuytren’s
2009-11-13 Genetic determined biochemistry and Dupuyren’s
2009-11-12 Verapamil, tamoxifen, carnitine – options?
2009-11-11 Dupuytren’s and Frozen shoulder
2009-11-10 Vascular cause of Dupuytren’s?
2009-11-09 Peyronie’s Disease and Dupuytren’s
2009-11-08 A landmark advance in understanding Dupuytren’s
2009-11-07 Smooth Muscle Actin in Dupuytren’s Contracture
2009-11-06 NICE evaluation of needle aponeurotomy for Dupuytren’s
2009-11-06 Dupuytren’s, Mast cells, Substance P
2009-11-06 Dupuytren’ s Contracture – Microscopic Analysis
2009-11-06 Drugs that provoke Dupuytren’s Disease
2009-11-06 CMMS therapy for stiffness after fasciectomy for Dupuytren’s
2009-11-06 Aggressive Dupuytren’s Disease
2009-09-19 Dupuytren Symposium Website is Live!
2009-07-04 Dupuytren Foundation is now a Public Charity
2009-06-13 First International Dupuytren’s Symposium
2009-04-10 Dupuytren’s Skin Graft Controversy
2009-04-08 Genetic studies are underway for Dupuytren’s
2009-04-06 Splinting after Dupuytren Surgery
2009-04-05 Dupuytren’s Foundation and Scripps Research
2007-07-23 Needle Aponeurotomy