How is it staged or graded? (Classification)

There are a variety of classification systems 10050245 , 9665513, 7521655, 2071079,3190318, 3963905. A characteristic set of microscopic changes occur 4007638.grading

The disease process includes two structures, the nodule and the cord, which are quite different microscopically and biochemically 3351230, 12849947, 12087679, 12087251,11599921, 9665511, 7594997, 3138883, 6491814, and early (“proliferative”) nodules are biologically different from mature (“involutional”) nodules 3958550, 6150573. Dupuytren’s nodules represent the early, active form of fibrosis, and are the hard lumps in the palm. Cords develop later; they feel like strings beneath the skin and are responsible for the tethering which results in contractures.