Gallery: Amputation for Dupuytren Contracture

Dupuytren contracture is one of the more common reasons for elective (not emergency) finger amputation for benign disease (not cancer, not infection). Amputation is not usually a consideration unless the person has failed several attempts at correction. Amputation is a reasonable choice for someone who has intolerable problems from severe recurrence, complications (nerve injury, poor circulation) or both. Technical variations include amputation near the level of the middle (PIP) joint, through the big knuckle (MCP joint), or including part of the bone in the palm (ray amputation). Rarely, the decision to amputate may be made in the operating room if circulation to the finger is lost and can’t be restored during surgery. Dupuytren amputation publications are at

These images are examples of amputations resulting from Dupuytren contracture and its treatment.

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