Dupuytren Research Group
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Board of Directors

The Dupuytren Research Group Board of Directors is uncompensated. Board members are motivated entirely by deep personal interest and commitment to the future of families affected by Dupuytren disease.


Charles EatonDupuytren Research Group Executive Director Dr. Charles Eaton is a board certified hand surgeon with extensive Dupuytren experience. He established the Dupuytren Foundation in 2008 and has served as President and Secretary through its transition to the Dupuytren Research Group. Dr. Eaton has Dupuytren disease. He closed his clinical practice in 2012. He serves on advisory boards of the International, British and Canadian Dupuytren societies.
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John BladesJohn Blades is Executive Director Emeritus at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida, leading it to become one of the most respected house museums in the country. Mr. Blades has graduate education in biology and a diverse background including education, electronics, and nonprofit management. Mr. Blades has Dupuytren disease. His experience, long-view perspective, and ability to coordinate practical solutions to complex logistic challenges are key to the Dupuytren Research Group mission.


Thumb_SLStuart Landow is CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of AC Kinetics. He has over 30 years of business management and marketing experience. Mr. Landow has served as Senior Vice President of Purolator Products, marketing consultant to many multinational consumer and industrial entities, and CEO of Top Source Technologies, a technology development and marketing company that he listed on the American Stock Exchange. Mr. Landow holds a BS in Marketing from Farleigh Dickinson University and served as an officer in the U.S. Military.


Thomas JordanThomas Jordan is a Certified Public Accountant and the founder and principal of Thomas Jordan, P.A., a Certified Public Accountant firm licensed in Florida. Mr. Jordan has had multiple procedures for severe Dupuytren disease. He is Past President of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Tax Council, Inc. and is an active member of numerous related professional groups. Mr. Jordan has volunteered for the Dupuytren Research Group since its inception and currently serves as Treasurer.


Ellen Gray Van Arsdale comes from a hands-on leadership career in education. As a teacher, principal, and director, she has been a driving force for progress in public and private schools across Florida. She has initiated and implemented a wide range of administrative and student advocacy programs focused on increasing educational access for students in need, improving system-wide academic performance, program grant and policy development, and partnership with business, nonprofit, faith-based, and community organizations.


Thomas Knapp

Tom Knapp is an insurance executive, working with life insurance, annuities, and estate planning for the last 40 years. Mr. Knapp has had multiple procedures for severe Dupuytren disease. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple Heart for Combat action in Vietnam. An All-American Junior College Soccer National Champion, Mr. Knapp has won 23 Major championships of the Florida State Golf Association and Palm Beach County Golf Association.


Gary PessDr. Gary Pess is a board certified hand surgeon. He underwent extensive training in hand and upper extremity surgery and microsurgery at New York University, taught at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, and is now Senior Managing Partner of Central Jersey Hand Surgery. He is a lecturer and consultant on Dupuytren’s contracture and minimally invasive hand surgery procedures.


Keith RaskinDr. Keith Raskin is a board certified hand surgeon and clinical associate professor of orthopaedic surgery at New York University School of Medicine. With over twenty years of academic surgical experience, he has devoted his career to the diagnosis and treatment of upper extremity conditions. Dr. Raskin has published and lectured extensively in the field of upper extremity surgery.