A Meaningful Father’s Day
By: Charles Eaton
Jun 13, 2017

A Meaningful Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here, a time for family remembrance of things passed through generations. Dupuytren disease also passes through generations. A parent with Dupuytren gives each child about one in four chance of eventually having the disease. More fathers than mothers have Dupuytren disease. Dupuytren makes every Father’s Day a Dupuytren Awareness Day: DAD.

My children have both father and maternal grandfather with Dupuytren disease. The best Father’s Day gift for me would be to not give my children or grandchildren Dupuytren disease.

Think of the men who have made an impact on your life – father, brother, son, uncle, or close friends. Do they really need another tie, tool, or shirt this Father’s Day? Instead, honor them or their memory by working to improve their family inheritance.

Celebrate this Father’s Day with a charitable donation to support research to cure Dupuytren disease. All parents dream of a better life for their children. With your help, the Dupuytren Research Group can work to make that dream come true:


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