Musicians with Dupuytren: 60 Second Survey

Musicians with Dupuytren

The curse of the MacCrimmons! Dupuytren contracture has been called this because it crippled the MacCrimmons, the famous pipers of the Isle of Skye: the first record of Dupuytren interfering with playing a musical instrument (although some might question whether or not bagpipes are a “musical” instrument).

This month’s 60 Second Survey investigates the impact of Dupuytren disease on playing a musical instrument. If you played a musical instrument when you first developed Dupuytren, take this very short survey right now: Dupuytren Music Survey
Wait a minute – is that a picture of Dupuytren himself wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes? How is that even possible? Wasn’t he French? You’ll have to wait to find out until results are posted at the end of the month after the survey closes. While you’re waiting, take the survey!


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