Dupuytren Research Group
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Dupuytren Research Group 2012 Research Grants

The Dupuytren Research Group awards Annual Research Grants to researchers, clinicians and therapists to sponsor studies designed to advance understanding and/or treatment of Dupuytren’s disease and related conditions. Grant applications are judged on scientific merit, quality and practicality of the budget. In 2012, the Dupuytren Research Group will award two $10,000 research grants. One grant will be awarded for basic science research and one grant for clinical research.

Application contents are available at http://Dupuytrens.org/2012grant.pdf


  • All completed application must be received no later than December 12, 2012.
  • The Dupuytren Research Group is required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to document disbursement of funds and to maintain annual reports on the funded programs.
  • Recipient organizations may be outside the United States, but must be able to receive funds through an entity having a current USA tax ID number.
  • Facility for research must coincide with Principal Investigator’s location for 1 year following receipt of the Award.
  • Funds are not for indirect costs, such as personal compensation of investigators, travel, payment of hospital costs, or major durable equipment purchase.
  • The Dupuytren Research Group must be acknowledged as a source of funding in any presentation or publication.
  • The grant start date is January 1 2013, continuing through December 31 2013.
  • Completed research supported by these grants must be submitted for presentation or publication; open access publication is recommended.
  • Funds must be returned to the Dupuytren Research Group if the research is not undertaken within 12 months of receipt of the Award.
  • A final progress report should list publications which resulted from this initial funding.
  • Grants may be submitted online to info@dupuytrens.org or FAXed to 561-828-0494