Share Your Story

Support Dupuytren Awareness: Share your story!

What’s your story? How has Dupuytren affected your hands?  Your life? Your family?
It’s so important to share your story.
Help raise awareness about Dupuytren disease and the need for research for a cure.
Take a video on your phone and upload it right now. Your words with a short video selfie will help others understand Dupuytren and related conditions.
It’s simple: Answer one or more of these questions on your video:
What’s the most difficult part of having Dupuytren?
Who in your family has Dupuytren?
What do you want to happen in the next five years?
… and if you like, say “Please support Dupuytren research!“.
Keep it short for maximum impact: a sentence or two and a 10-15 second video.
Orientation: Landscape (sideways) for videos, please. Images: landscape preferred.

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If this upload widget above doesn’t work, please upload images or videos via our WeTransfer page:
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Interested in supporting or volunteering for the Dupuytren Research Group?