Possibly Helpful Medications

Possibly helpful medications
Several small related studies, including clinical studies with patients, concluded that the medication Allopurinol might be helpful to downregulate Dupuytren biology. Allopurinol is usually given to treat gout. This is ironic, because in the 1800s, Dupuytren disease and gout were believed to be closely related, if not the same disease. Later studies have disproved this and current thinking is that they are unrelated. However, if the same drug works for both conditions, the old clinicians may have been on the right track all along. Allopurinol, like any medication, has risks of side effects, and is available by prescription only.

Based on laboratory studies, the compounds listed below may have potential benefit for the biology of Dupuytren disease biology. None are FDA approved for the treatment of Dupuytren disease, but deserve further scientific study. Although they may eventually prove helpful, they are not endorsed by the Dupuytren Research Group as either safe or effective for the treatment of Dupuytren disease.

In addition, compounds listed in this analysis by Therametrics are interesting candidates for further research: https://dupuytrens.org/DupPDFs/2015_TherametricsDupuytren.pdf