Closure Techniques

Open palm 10050248, 9746881, 8856539 , 7847092, 1937183, 10050248, or modified open palm 8567134, 1564282, 1769994. In this method, the fascia is divided or removed using transverse incisions, which are left open to heal by themselves. The wound may be surprisingly large, but on the average heals in 3 to 5 weeks. The technique minimizes the chances of infection, hematoma, or skin necrosis, and has been reported to have lower rates of complications and recurrence 6693744, although contradictory reports also exist 3944435. As with other techniques, results following open palm technique are best in the treatment of isolated MCP contractures 6480188.

Simple closure

Skin graft (plantar) 10869831

Skin flap 9821617, 9336611, 7759920, 1564282, 2007822