The Importance of Dupuytren Stories

The story depends on the storyteller. For nearly two centuries, the only narrators of the story of Dupuytren have been doctors and therapists. The public face of Dupuytren was limited either to what was easy to describe (measuring finger angles) or to technical details relevant to surgery. It was a narrow tunnel vision about what […]

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Share Your Dupuytren Story
On: Sep 14, 2018
By: Charles Eaton

Dupuytren. In English, the word Dupuytren is unfamiliar. It’s hard to spell and strange to pronounce (DOO-pa-tren) – and not just for English speakers. In Denmark, it’s called Kuskefingre (Coachman’s finger) because Dupuytren’s first description involved the fingers of a man who drove a horsedrawn coach – a coachman. The reason that the word isn’t […]

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