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Dupuytren disease runs in families. Find our what this means for you and how your story can help the effort to find a cure.

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Our goal is a Dupuytren cure. Join the research team.

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Raise awareness. Educate the public. Help us fund the research we need to find a cure.

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The Dupuytren Community Needs Your Help.

Enroll in the International Dupuytren Data Bank. Support the effort: your charitable gift can make a difference right now. Spread the word: request educational brochures to distribute. Share on social media. Contact the Dupuytren Foundation directly, or call 561-429-8279 to discuss how you can work to help find a cure.

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About Dupuytren

Dupuytren disease is a benign condition which causes a tightening of the flesh beneath the skin of the palm and can result in permanently bent fingers. There is a genetic risk, although it may skip several generations. It is more common in seniors and in those doing heavy manual labor. The end result of Dupuytren disease is the bent finger deformity called Dupuytren contracture. Dupuytren contracture is treated with procedures to release tight tissues and straighten the fingers. Procedures do not cure Dupuytren disease, and contractures often return or affect other fingers. Currently, there is no prevention to prevent it worsening or to prevent it from returning after a procedure. The goal of the Dupuytren Research Group is a cure for Dupuytren disease and related conditions.