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Heads and Hands: Biomarkers

Biomarkers are the focus of Dupuytren Foundation research – the International Dupuytren Data Bank.


The Future is Coming!

Improving the Future of Dupuytren Care
Right now, many people with mild Dupuytren biology do

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About Dupuytren

About Dupuytren

Dupuytren’s contracture is a benign condition which causes a tightening of the flesh beneath the skin of the palm and can result in permanently bent fingers. There is a sheet of tissue just under the skin of the palm which is stuck to the under surface of the skin of the palm. This layer, called fascia, reinforces the skin of the palm. The medical definition of Dupuytren’s is a specific condition characterized by proliferation of contractile, fibroblastic cells involving the palmar fascia of the hand. It is chronic and progressive. Involved areas show microscopic inflammation, similar to that seen in wound healing and some types of cancer, as though the body were healing a deep wound beneath the skin.