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Information for Sponsors and Advocates

The Dupuytren Research Group serves families affected by Dupuytren disease. Dupuytren disease is a chronic progressive genetic disease. It forms scar tissue inside the palm of the hand, slowly and permanently bending the fingers. Over ten million Americans, mostly seniors, have deformed hands from Dupuytren contracture. One quarter of Caucasian men over seventy years old have some evidence of the condition. Each year in the United States, surgeons perform over seventy thousand procedures for Dupuytren contracture. Unfortunately, although there are treatments, there is no cure, and deformities often return over time. Better treatments are desperately needed.

Progress in medical treatment of Dupuytren disease may also benefit those suffering with related conditions of Ledderhose disease, Peyronie disease and frozen shoulder. Additionally, insights into Dupuytren biology may advance progress in the treatment of unrelated diseases with parallel biology, including cardiovascular disease, fibrosis of the lung, and cirrhosis of the liver.

There are three reasons we don’t yet have a cure, but all three are at a tipping point of change. First, the technologies of new DNA tests and readily available secure online data collection are relatively new. Second, until now, no one has combined these technologies to try to solve this problem. Third, the biology is complicated. A large research study of DNA and other tests is needed. The overall cost of this type of study is about two million dollars. The Dupuytren Research Group’s International Dupuytren Data Bank has the technology, the organization and the ability to do the research to find a cure. Our fundraising efforts have enabled the process to begin, but we need funding to complete the job. Your charitable gift can make a difference right now.

Contact us to discuss other ways that you can help pave the path to a cure:, or call: 561-429-8279