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Thousands of scientific papers published in the last few hundred years relate to Dupuytren disease. Many papers repeat summary statements from the work of other authors. Misunderstandings arise when work is editorialized, summarized, referenced, and re-referenced, like the children’s game of telephone. Not here. These archives list a few topic reviews, but the main content is source publications containing the original data from the original research. These archives are intended to provide the best obtainable version of the truth * to advance the understanding and solve the puzzle of Dupuytren disease and related conditions.

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Dupuytren Literature Relating to These Topics

This is an active project, currently underway. These topic titles link to bibliography list pages, which in turn link to full-text PDF files for each reference. Topics which have not yet been processed are marked with an asterisk. If you have a special request or suggestion for a topic to be covered here, please email info at Dupuytrens dot org.

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Dupuytren Spectrum Diseases

>Dupuytren Overlap Diseases: pulmonary fibrosis, scleroderma, cirrhosis, psoriasis, keloid

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