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Dupuytren in the Family: What are the Odds?

  Dupuytren disease is genetic. It runs in families – but how? It depends on ancestry, age, gender, and relatives. Not everyone with Dupuytren has bent fingers. Dupuytren disease is any Dupuytren changes of the palms. Nodules, puckered skin, or cords are all signs of Dupuytren disease. Dupuytren contracture is Dupuytren disease

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Happy Birthday, Dupuytren, and Thanks for the Name!

Happy Dupuytren Day! Guillaume Dupuytren, the famous surgeon, was born on 5 October 1777. He would have been 246 years old today. If he were alive now, there’s a good chance he’d have the disease named after himself. Why is it called Dupuytren disease or Dupuytren contracture? Most medical disorders

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DNA, Drinks, and Dupuytren

While it’s estimated Dupuytren’s disease impacts over 10 million Americans, the current treatment options available to patients – mainly surgical procedures – are inadequate. Medicine has been focused on treating Dupuytren-related finger deformities rather than preventative measures or finding a cure at the biological level. Yet, with increasing recognition of

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This Puzzle Needs Y, O, and U to Solve!

Dupuytren disease remains a puzzle, a puzzle with so many clues, but not enough to solve – yet. The Dupuytren Research Group is conducting research to find clues hidden in the blood. Why? A Dupuytren blood test is the single most important tool we need to understand why some people

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Reverse Giving Tuesday: A video for you!

It’s Giving Tuesday, a traditional fundraising push for nonprofits. The Dupuytren Research Group is flipping this to Reverse Giving Tuesday with a gift for you: a new video seminar reviewing Dupuytren disease, its challenges, and the strategy behind our research for a cure. Of course, your financial support is critical

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Three Exciting Dupuytren Updates and a Public Seminar

I want to share three exciting Dupuytren updates with you this Halloween. The first update is the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical research. The term “Artificial Intelligence” is a little misleading. Today, AI is about computerized pattern-matching rather than thinking and consciousness, but it’s still amazing. The

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