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Dupuytren and Typing

Does Dupuytren affect your touch typing? Yes or no, we’d love to know!
Take this month’s Sixty Second Survey here or at the link below.
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Alternative link: Typing Survey.
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Handwriting and Dupuytren Disease: Sixty Second Survey Results

Does Dupuytren disease affect handwriting?
635 people responded to the Dupuytren Research Group Sixty Second Survey of the effect of Dupuytren on their handwriting. This survey asked three questions of people living

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Dupuytren and Handwriting

Does Dupuytren affect your handwriting or how you write? Yes or no, we’d love to know! Take the short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DUP-handwriting – it will take less than 60 seconds. Results

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