Magnesium and Dupuytren disease
Jun 8, 2016

The cause of Dupuytren disease is a team effort of risks and stressors. Genes play the major role in one’s lifetime risk of disease. Not everyone with Dupuytren genes knows it: many people are genetic carriers. They carry the Dupuytren genes and pass them on to their children, yet never develop the disease themselves. Factors […]

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Video: Professor Millesi at the Miami Dupuytren’s Symposium

Professor Hanno Millesi of the Millesi Center in Vienna, chairman of the 1983 Dupuytren’s Meeting in Vienna, presents “Changes of the visco-elastic properties of the palmar fascia as pathogenetic basis of Dupuytren’s Disease”: The more one investigates, the deeper the mystery of Dupuytren’s becomes. The legendary Dr. Millesi explores the chicken and egg aspect […]

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