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Citizen-Scientists for Dupuytren Research

I had a recent correspondence with someone who wanted to discuss the off-label use of Anakinra, an IL1RAP blocker, for her early Dupuytren disease because it had worked so well (off-label) for a problem she had similar to frozen shoulder. It turns out, there are a few small reports of favorable responses to this drug […]

Dupuytren, Sports, and Floor Exercises

Does Dupuytren affect your sports or floor exercises? This Sixty Second Survey will help us understand Dupuytren and the lives of people it affects. [ale_button url=”” style=”light-blue” size=”small” type=”round” target=”_blank”]Take this 60 Second Survey Now[/ale_button] It’ll only take a minute! Please repost and retweet. Thanks! Charles Eaton MD

Dupuytren and nerve problems?

Does Dupuytren cause nerve problems? A common topic of discussion on Dupuytren forums such The Dupuytren’s Disease Support Group [ale_button url=”” style=”light-blue” size=”small” type=”round” target=”_blank”] DDSG [/ale_button] is whether or not Dupuytren causes numbness and tingling in the hands and arms. As with everything Dupuytren related, the answer is …it depends. A few small studies […]