Cannabinoids, Dupuytren, and Orphan Drugs

I was recently asked if medical marijuana might be helpful for Dupuytren disease. The short answer is “No one knows.”. The longer answer is much more interesting. The late effect of Dupuytren disease is Dupuytren contracture. The medical term for the findings in Dupuytren contracture is fibrosis. Sclerosis also means the same thing. If either of […]

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Dupuytren’s and other fibroses

Dupuytren’s is a fibrotic disease, a fibrosis – one of many. Fibrosis, as a word, sounds exotic, but it is really just the medical name for scar. Although injuries come in many forms and can involve any structure, our bodies have a limited repertoire for reacting to injuries. The universal poultice our body’s healing process […]

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