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There’s Still Time to Make a Difference!

There’s still time! (but not much…)

Thanks to your generosity, we’ve reached our 2019 goal of sending out invitations to participate in Dupuytren blood test research. This is a huge step forward! It’s taken five years of steady work, and we have more to do. In 2020, we will analyze the data and publish the results. This research is critical to unlock the puzzle of Dupuytren biology and to spark federal Dupuytren research funding.

Your generosity is astonishing. Your commitment made this happen. We need your help to continue our work to find a cause and cure because millions of people just like you are suffering.

Your generosity is essential. Currently, neither the government nor the pharmaceutical industry fund large scale Dupuytren research. Results from the research you are supporting will change this.  Please help. If you haven’t contributed in 2019, now is the time. If you have, magnify its impact with an additional charitable gift. There is still time to make a tax-deductible charitable contribution before the year-end. I just did! Please join me in supporting research to cure Dupuytren and related diseases.

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Thank you for your trust and kindness and best wishes for 2020!

Charlie Eaton