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Dupuytren and Handwriting

Does Dupuytren affect your handwriting or how you write? Yes or no, we’d love to know! Take the short survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DUP-handwriting – it will take less than 60 seconds. Results

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What is Dupuytren Disease?

What is Dupuytren disease?
After passing the first hurdle of pronouncing Dupuytren (DOOpa-tren: sort of rhymes with “hooka den”, “group of friends” “move again” “super bend”…), most people – doctors and patients

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Dupuytren and nerve problems?

Does Dupuytren cause nerve problems?
A common topic of discussion on Dupuytren forums such The Dupuytren’s Disease Support Group DDSG is whether or not Dupuytren causes numbness and tingling

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