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International Dupuytren Data Bank (IDDB) Research For a Dupuytren Cure

The IDDB is a research project with a target of finding the cause and cure for Dupuytren Disease and related conditions. The IDDB is sponsored by the Dupuytren Research Group in partnership with the National Data Bank for Rheumatic Diseases. The IDDB is free for all participants around the world, and has three phases:

  1. Survey people with and without Dupuytren disease for clues about their biology.
    (Enroll and fill out follow-up progress surveys online*)
  2. Collect blood samples from those surveyed.
    (We’ll let you know how to do this.*)
  3. Compare survey results with DNA and other blood tests to develop prevention rather than procedures*.

*These are future plans and we will notify you when they are available.

The only reason there isn’t yet a cure for Dupuytren Disease is that no one has previously put together all of the pieces to do this type of approach to research. That’s what we are doing, and the more support we have to do this, the faster we’ll be able to reach the goal of a cure. We will find a cure, and you can help make this happen.