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Pronounce Dupuytren

My phone’s speech recognition has transcribed Dupuytren as “two bedrooms”, “do patron”, “Jupiter den” and others, but the best was a couple of days ago: “Stupid trend“. Pretty close – and

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Media coverage of Dupuytren Disease

There’s a been recent storm of Dupuytren related media coverage:

A television news story interviewing Dupuytren Foundation executive director Dr. Charles Eaton and Dupuytren Foundation board member Tom Knapp: http://www.wpbf.com/news/whats-brewing-with-stephanie-berzinski-dupuytren-disease/39025076
Google books

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Dupuytren Heroes Raising Dupuytren Awareness

Dupuytren disease advocacy faces many small challenges which collectively add up to a big challenge. Even the French word Dupuytren (“Doop-a-tren”) isn’t familiar to English speakers either in sound or spelling.

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