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Dupuytren Foundation August 2013
The Dupuytren Foundation may have seemed quiet, but there’s been quite a bit of internal activity reorganizing and streamlining for the last several months. This newsletter marks

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Botox and Dupuytren Disease?

Botox may have a use in the treatment of Dupuytren disease.
Right now, it’s untested, but it has a scientific basis. Botox is not just the botulinium toxin. It’s a biologic

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Dupuytren Foundation 2012 Annual Report

Dupuytren Foundation Annual Report
Update from  Dupuytren Foundation President, Charles Eaton MD
It’s been a year of growth and change for the Dupuytren Foundation.

The Dupuytren Foundation has reorganized its website Dupuytrens.org 
The Dupuytren

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