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Happy Thanksgiving from the Dupuytren Foundation!

Turkey Day Update!
Much has happened since the last Dupuytren Foundation report in July. The International Dupuytren Data Bank (IDDB) averages 100 new enrollees each month. We’re continuing to work out

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Crowdsourcing for a Cure

Crowdsourcing Support for International Dupuytren Data Bank Research
I’m excited to announce the work of Eric Forman, a Dupuytren / Ledderhose disease advocate. Eric is orchestrating Find The Cure, an online campaign

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Dupuytren’s Disease Support Group Q&A

Dupuytren disease research questions and answers.
Dupuytren advocacy is challenging. One challenge is that many people have never heard the words Dupuytren, or Ledderhose, or Peyronie, including many who have these

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