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Biomarkers in Dupuytren Disease

IDDB, biomarkers and big data to cure Dupuytren disease

The International Dupuytren Data Bank (IDDB)
will focus on Dupuytren biomarkers
Why are biomarkers important for Dupuytren disease?
Dupuytren contracture is an effect, not a cause.
Think of fever. Fever is an effect of infection,

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GivingTuesday Deal for the Dupuytren Foundation

It has been a great year – thanks to you! We’ve launched the International Dupuytren Data Bank (IDDB) – research for a cure, to be the largest Dupuytren study in

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Cure Dupuytren Disease

IDDB Research for a Cure: Enrollment is Open

Today is the day.
The International Dupuytren Data Bank is now live.
Independent. Crowdsourced. Massive. Free.
The biggest Dupuytren research study ever.
Enroll now at DupStudy.com
Tell everyone with Dupuytren disease to enroll.
Together, we will

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