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Dupuytren Pain and Itching

Pain with Dupuytren disease receives little attention. This is a hot button topic. Many Dupuytren patients feel marginalized when they hear a doctor say that Dupuytren disease doesn’t hurt –

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First Dupuytren Nodule

My first Dupuytren palm nodule. What will to happen to me?
Most Dupuytren disease starts as a nodule.
Some nodules go away without any treatment.
Some nodules develop minor cords and then seem to

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Dupuytren Contracture Procedure Choice

Dupuytren Contracture Procedure Choices

If a hand progresses from early Dupuytren disease (nodules, dimples, cords with no limitation of motion) to Dupuytren contracture, treatment should be considered.  The best compromise between the ordeal of a

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