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Personal experiences with Xiaflex and Needle Aponeurotomy

Xiaflex is now available, and is generating reports by both traditional writers and self published social media authors. There are now two minimally invasive treatments for contractures due to Dupuytren’s

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Red wine and yellow curry to prevent Dupuytren’s?

Could a yellow curry dinner and a glass of red wine be good for Dupuytren’s? Possibly. Dupuytren’s is a fibrotic condition, something it shares with other disorders. There is a

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A personal look at Dupuytren’s

A family physician remembers his late father’s Dupuytren’s and muses on options for treatment: http://www.greatfallstribune.com/article/20100309/LIFESTYLE/3090307/Hands+become+claws+in+victims+of+Dupuytren+s. The observation “…in his final years he was wearied by the thought of ‘another procedure’

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