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Dupuytren Foundation 2010 Report

It’s been a busy year behind the scenes for the Dupuytren Foundation – see what we’ve been up to at http://conta.cc/hV1lEy
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2010 Dupuytren’s Symposium Screensaver. Mysterious, like Dupuytren’s

Produced for the 2010 Miami Dupuytren Symposium with Electric Sheep and Wax Audio, this musical animation provides a background to contemplate new approaches to find a cure

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Miami Dupuytren Symposium spurs new research: Report from Dupuytren’s Day at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Handchirurgiethe (German Society for Surgery of the Hand – DGH)

Dr Wolfgang Wach reports from the DGH, Oct 7 Dupuytren Program: “I attended the Dupuytren’s day at the Nuremberg conference of German hand surgeons and the Miami Dupuytren Symposium was

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