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A personal look at Dupuytren’s

A family physician remembers his late father’s Dupuytren’s and muses on options for treatment: http://www.greatfallstribune.com/article/20100309/LIFESTYLE/3090307/Hands+become+claws+in+victims+of+Dupuytren+s. The observation “…in his final years he was wearied by the thought of ‘another procedure’

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The earliest case of Dupuytren’s? You’ll never guess where.

A case of Dupuytren’s contracture has been discovered dating back nearly three thousand years. The Monthemhat Project, a multinational Egyptology group, recently published an analysis of 18 mummies from the

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Dupuytren’s or palmar fasciitis?

Dupuytren’s isn’t the only problem which can affect the fascia of the palm. Inflammation of the palmar fascia (palmar fasciitis) may be due to less common problems, and differs from

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