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Chondroitin Sulfate, Dermatan Sulfate and Dupuytren’s

Dermatan sulfate is similar to the nutritional supplement chondroitin sulfate, and used to be called chondroitin sulfate. Dermatan sulfate is unusually abundant in fascia affected by Dupuytren’s. Is it the

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Open fasciotomy for Dupuytren’s

 Patients with Dupuytren’s need two things, mechanical and biological. The former, a simple and safe way to straighten bent fingers, and the latter, a way to prevent disease progression and

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Genetic determined biochemistry and Dupuyren’s

The genetic basis of Dupuytren’s is explained by the genetic basis of individual biochemistry and enzymatic variation. Sort of. This fascinating review shows how complicated this can be: http://www.dupuytrenfoundation.org/DupPDFs/2008_Zyluk.pdf
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