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Dupuytren Heroes Raising Dupuytren Awareness

Dupuytren disease advocacy faces many small challenges which collectively add up to a big challenge. Even the French word Dupuytren (“Doop-a-tren”) isn’t familiar to English speakers either in sound or spelling. It doesn’t even rhyme with any English word. The result is that the word Dupuytren is hard to remember, and often doesn’t register when people see it or hear it.

That’s why it’s so important for people to create opportunities to get the word out. Dupuytren advocate Leslie Wieslander Rosenthal just did that. She created the opportunity to get the word out by arranging a TV interview to raise Dupuytren awareness: Just arranging to have the word “Dupuytren” clearly spoken and spelled on TV is no small feat – try it yourself!

Leslie moderates the Facebook Dupuytren’s Disease Support Group ( in addition to many other public and private Dupuytren advocacy efforts. By bringing the problem of Dupuytren disease to the public and highlighting the need to support Dupuytren Foundation research, she is a Dupuytren hero. Thanks, Leslie!