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Dupuytren Outreach Milestone

Dupuytren Research Group Outreach and Awareness programs have reached a new milestone: 1000 subscribers to, the Dupuytren Research Group video podcast / YouTube channel. It’s actually a big deal: we don’t feature cats or dogs, cute babies, social media influencers, hot spokesmodels, “one weird trick” clickbait, video game reviews, celebrities behaving badly, or other low hanging fruit. We’re just putting it out there to raise awareness about the problem of Dupuytren disease and the need to support research for a cure. It’s important, not sexy. It’s true, not sensational. It spans generations, not a fad. We’re advocating, not selling a product. And we’re making progress, step by step. We plan to invite 100 selected enrollees in the International Dupuytren Data Bank to participate in our blood test pilot study before this year-end. This progress is only possible because of support from the global Dupuytren community. Our future progress depends on the ongoing support of this community. Keep this in mind as you consider your year-end giving. We’re not here to lecture you or to sell you something. We’re doing this because we are Dupuytren patients and our futures are connected. Little steps, big steps, they are all steps toward a better future for all of us affected by Dupuytren disease and related conditions.

Charles Eaton MD