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Dupuytren Triggers: 60 second survey

Dupuytren Triggers

Yes, that’s a picture of Roy Roger’s horse, Trigger. You might not have been expecting that. Dupuytren also shows up unexpectedly. People have normal hands, and then they don’t. Many feel the problem came out of nowhere. Others may recall some event happening around the same time as Dupuytren first appeared and conclude the event caused or “triggered” the Dupuytren. Is this a real thing? Is it common? Does it relate to mild versus severe disease? The answers to these questions may give clues on the biology of Dupuytren.

It’s a tricky issue. We all have many things happening in our lives all the time. Two events happening close together isn’t proof in a single person – but –  the same thing in a large group of people is very different. It really is an unknown. That’s why your participation in this survey is so important. If you think something triggered your first signs of Dupuytren, take this survey! If you don’t think so or you don’t know, take this survey!

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