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Dupuytren Matching Gift Challenge

Compassion, Generosity, and Enlightened Self-Interest

In this season of gratitude and self-reflection, it’s wonderful to have a simple way to help oneself and at the same time help others in the same situation.

I have Dupuytren disease in my hand. I’ve learned that Dupuytren-related diseases run in my family, here and there: Dupuytren, Ledderhose, Peyronie, frozen shoulder. I’m fortunate. My hands are not crippled yet. Others have been not as lucky.

We face a common challenge. Dupuytren will affect us, our families, friends, and generations to come. It’s not a simple problem. The good news is there is a simple way to move toward a solution.

Double the impact of your gift supporting research for a cure with the 2017 Dupuytren Research Group $50,000 Matching Gift Challenge.

This matching gift challenge is sponsored by a generous anonymous donor. Here’s his story:

“I’m a father and a Dupuytren sufferer. I want to see a real cure for this disease for my kids’ sake and their own kids one day. That’s why I support the Dupuytren Research Group. I know that my donation can make a real difference and the work Dr. Eaton is doing is important to bring better understanding to this disease. There are many worthy causes to give to this time of year, but few where our individual donations can have such meaningful impact such that maybe one day our kids won’t have to worry about living with Dupuytren. I feel strongly enough about this mission that I am willing to donate and match your contributions, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000 before year end. Please join me in helping to fund the Dupuytren Research Group and its mission to find a cure! Thank you.”

With greater awareness of Dupuytren disease and the need for a Dupuytren cure, more people realize that progress depends on personal involvement. The simple, most effective way to help all affected by Dupuytren is to support research for a cure.

Our budget is small for a medical research organization. This means that your gift to the Dupuytren Research Group will have more impact than it would for a big-budget nonprofit. The choice is simple because Dupuytren Research Group is the only organization doing large-scale research with the specific goal of a Dupuytren cure. Your generosity determines whether or not our research can be completed.

Take advantage of this matching gift opportunity. Please donate now to research for a cure:

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Thanks very much, and best wishes for this holiday season and the new year!

Charles Eaton MD
Executive Director, Dupuytren Research Group