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Dupuytren’s and Transforming Factor Beta Genetics

What is the initial abnormality which ultimately results in Dupuytren’s? Because biologic systems are guided by tiny triggers which start a cascading series of events, tiny differences can have large effects, and the hunt is sometimes for tiny differences early in the game. Transforming Factor Beta One (TGF-ß1) is one of the starting players in the series of events leading to Dupuytren’s, and it makes sense to look at the genes which control the production of TGF-ß1 as a possible culprit. Could Dupuytren’s be due an alteration in these genes, resulting in some tiny but critical problem with TGF-ß1, the butterfly effect for Dupuytren’s? The first study to look at this compared gene patterns relating to TGF-ß1 in people with and without Dupuytren’s (PDF). It came up negative, but larger, more detailed sudies may show otherwise. More clues to find a cure.