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Myofibroblast Biology

Myofibroblast biology is at the heart not only of Dupuytren’s, but of other diseases not related to Dupuytren’s. Myofibroblasts are major players in pulmonary fibrosis, cirrhosis, renal fibrosis and arteriosclerosis. Studies of myofibroblast biology in these conditions may shed light on potential new treatment strategies for Dupuytren’s. Gains in the management of any one myofibroblast […]

What’s old is new in Dupuytren’s

Larsen’s insightful study and review of the demographics and microscopic anatomy of Dupuytren’s disease is over 50 years old, but reads like a recent publication. The author describes and ponders the significance of topics which were well known at the time: perivascular inflammation adjacent to but not within the affected areas; iron pigment in the […]