Did You Know These Dupuytren Facts?
Nov 29, 2018

Did You Know These Dupuytren Facts?

Did you know?
Today, each child of a parent with Dupuytren has a one in four chance of developing Dupuytren.

Did you know?
Today, there’s no practical way to test if a treatment can prevent Dupuytren.

Did you know?
Today’s approach to Dupuytren treatment is the same as it was in the 1800s:
wait for a bend, treat the bend, repeat.

Did you know?
Today there are no federal, industry or foundation Dupuytren research grants.

There is hope.
Our groundbreaking research is designed to develop a Dupuytren blood test.
This is the key to predict Dupuytren, to test preventive treatments, to find a cure.

One obstacle remains.
Large research grants need preliminary data from a pilot study.
That’s why we’re doing this pilot study.
No large Dupuytren research grants will exist until there is pilot study data.
That’s why this study is funded entirely by Dupuytren patients and friends.

We’ve been fundraising and saving for years.
Laboratory costs alone for this pilot study are almost $4000 per person.
100 people will be tested in the pilot, totaling almost $400,000.
We’re halfway there.
Our 2018 fundraising goal for this pilot study is $200,000.

This is a big deal.
This research will open the door to new large Dupuytren research grants.
A Dupuytren blood test will transform Dupuytren research.

But it can’t happen without your support.
If you have enrolled in the IDDB, support this research.
If someone you know has Dupuytren, support this research.
If someone you know has Peyronie or frozen shoulder, support this research.
A Dupuytren blood test is the stepping stone to a cure.
Step up and change the future of Dupuytren and related disorders.
Please give generously.
Change the future of Dupuytren and related disorders.


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