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PrecisionFDA Dupuytren Blog

PrecisionFDA Dupuytren Blog

PrecisionFDA is a US Government initiative designed to support cutting-edge genomic research and help researchers collaborate across the globe.

As a member of PrecisionFDA, Dupuytren Research Group will use PrecisionFDA cloud hosting to allow authorized researchers around the world to collaborate and analyze data from the International Dupuytren Data Bank (IDDB).

Data from the IDDB pilot study will include whole-exome DNA sequencing, small RNA, whole-genome DNA methylation, and a broad proteomic survey. This will be many terabytes of raw data: The only practical way to share this data is with high-capacity secure cloud hosting.

PrecisionFDA will also host research competitions to attract research collaboration. For example, one competition might be something like this:

  • This is de-identified genomic data of 100 people.
  • Half of these people have aggressive Dupuytren. The other half have no Dupuytren, no Dupuytren spectrum diseases and no family Dupuytren.
  • The winner of the competition will be the research team best able to identify those with Dupuytren versus those without.

This month’s PrecisionFDA blog post features Dr. Eaton discussing the International Dupuytren Data Bank challenges and the role of PrecisionFDA: