Petition the NIH to Fund Dupuytren Research

If you are affected by Dupuytren disease, you know Dupuytren isn’t going away by itself. We must work together for a future without Dupuytren disease. Right now, there is no US federal Dupuytren-specific research funding. Help change this now! Sign this petition to tell the National Institutes of Health Dupuytren

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Happy Holidays from the Dupuytren Research Group!

The Dupuytren Research Group is headquartered in sandy West Palm Beach Florida. This is our area’s most visible celebration of the season: SandiLand, featuring the world’s only 35-foot, 700-ton holiday sand tree. It’s a large accomplishment. It took a lot of planning and many people working together – just like

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Happy Thanksgiving from The Dupuytren Research Group

Thanksgiving is the US version of Harvest Festivals celebrated around this time each year around the world. This Thanksgiving is very different for many of us, but still, a reminder that there are always reasons for gratitude. I am very grateful for the engagement, encouragement, and support from the global

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Commander Mark Kelly and Italian astronaut Roberto Vittori sit on Endeavour's flight deck during what was the Nasa vessel's final mission (c) NASA

We Need Controls!

We need controls! No, not cockpit controls or videogame controls, and no, we’re not out of control. We need control participants for the Dupuytren Biomarker Discovery Pilot Study. Our goal is to make progress toward a Dupuytren cure as quickly as possible. We’re pushing forward with the Dupuytren Biomarker Discovery

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2020 IDDB Progress and Findings

2020 IDDB Progress and Findings The International Dupuytren Data Bank is now in its fifth year with 4465 enrollees from 48 countries. There’s now enough data to begin looking for trends and new insights. We’ve begun collecting blood samples from select enrollees for the Dupuytren Blood Biomarker Pilot Study. Blood sample

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Dupuytren, Handwashing, COVID-19

Dupuytren, Handwashing, and COVID-19 Dupuytren contracture can make simple things difficult – like washing, rinsing, and drying all the skin of hands and fingers. COVID-19 raises the stakes on the need for frequent and effective handwashing. Dupuytren-related skin dimples, fingers which can’t be separated, and areas where skin folds on

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Happy 2020 Valentine’s Day from the DRG

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a day to embrace all the joy that love brings to life. A day to pause and reflect on the mystery of love …and biomarkers. Love and biomarkers? Absolutely! Love is so hard to describe in words. People try with different languages, metaphors, imagery, poems, songs,

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