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Dupuytren and Fear of the Unknown

Dupuytren and Fear of the Unknown
Here’s a common Dupuytren script. A person finds something unexplained in their palm. They see a hand surgeon, who tells them

“You have Dupuytren disease.”
“There’s nothing

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A better Dupuytren measurement?

Measuring Dupuytren
What’s the best way to measure Dupuytren disease impact? Finger angles? Dexterity performing hand-related activities? Subjective or self-reported surveys?
It turns out that Dupuytren is difficult to pigeonhole. People often

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The Importance of Dupuytren Stories

The story depends on the storyteller.
For nearly two centuries, the only narrators of the story of Dupuytren have been doctors and therapists. The public face of Dupuytren was limited either

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