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Dupuytren, Handwashing, COVID-19

Dupuytren, Handwashing, and COVID-19

Dupuytren contracture can make simple things difficult – like washing, rinsing, and drying all the skin of hands and fingers.
COVID-19 raises the stakes on the need for

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Happy 2020 Valentine’s Day from the DRG

Happy Valentine’s Day!
It’s a day to embrace all the joy that love brings to life.
A day to pause and reflect on the mystery of love …and biomarkers.
Love and biomarkers? Absolutely!

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2020: The year of solving the puzzle!

I’m optimistic 2020 will be the year of progress solving the Dupuytren puzzle. Dupuytren seems at times a jigsaw puzzle with too many pieces. Pieces from other puzzles. Pieces that

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