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Medline Title Search (Dupuytren + “systems biology”)

Selected Publications

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  • Rehman Samrina, Day Philip JR, Bayat Ardeshir, Westerhoff Hans V. (2012). “Understanding Dupuytren’s Disease Using Systems Biology: A Move Away from Reductionism.” Frontiers in Physiology 3 (April): 316. (PDF)
  • Rehman Samrina, Xu Yun, Dunn Warwick B, Day Philip JR, Westerhoff Hans V., Goodacre Royston, Bayat Ardeshir. (2012). “Dupuytren’s Disease Metabolite Analyses Reveals Alterations Following Initial Short-Term Fibroblast Culturing.” Molecular bioSystems 8 (9): 2274–88. (PDF)
  • Sedic Mirela, Jurisic Davor, Stanec Zdenko, Hock Karlo, Pavelic Kresimir, Kraljevic Pavelic Sandra. (2010). “Functional Genomics in Identification of Drug Targets in Dupuytren’s Contracture.” Frontiers in Bioscience : A Journal and Virtual Library 15 (10): 57–64. (PDF)