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Free Research for a Dupuytren Cure

This is a free, secure, HIPAA compliant online survey about you, your health and your Dupuytren issues. You will have the opportunity to participate in follow-up surveys and blood testing.
The National Databank of the Rheumatic Diseases provides the online form.
The I WANT TO ENROLL button takes you to the IDDB page on the National Databank of the Rheumatic Diseases website where there are enrollment instructions.
You’ll need a working email address to complete enrollment.

Here’s What To Do:

  • Click I WANT TO ENROLL to enroll by email. Save your password!
  • You should receive an email confirming you’re enrolled.
  • Once confirmed, go to I AM ENROLLED, login, and take the survey.
  • If you can’t answer a question, leave it blank; go to the next question.
  • Some questions are optional. If you’re not comfortable answering a question, if it’s not mandatory, leave it blank and go to the next question.
  • If you need to stop to look up information, save and come back to I AM ENROLLED to finish.
  • If you want to check your enrollment status, go to I AM ENROLLED.

Enroll even if you don’t have Dupuytren

  • Encourage your friends and family to enroll, even if they don’t have Dupuytren disease. We need people without Dupuytren (“controls”) to enroll for comparison data. It’s easy:

    1. On the enrollment page, for the question “What is your primary rheumatic disease diagnosis?”, choose “Dupuytren”.
    2. After enrolling, when you take the survey, if you don’t have Dupuytren, answer “No” for “Do you have Dupuytren Disease?”

Spread the word. Tell your friends. Tell your doctors.
We need 10,000 people with Dupuytren disease and 1000 without Dupuytren disease to complete the survey and blood collection phases. The sooner we gather the information we need, the faster we can move toward a cure.