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Stony Brook Dupuytren Symposium

I had the opportunity to attend the Stony Brook Dupuytren Symposium April 17. This was a real treat, featuring a faculty of well known authorities on Dupuytren’s. The volcanic ash European flight difficulties prevented attendance of only one speaker. The symposium covered a range of topics and in addition provided an in depth tour of the use of collagenase injection for Dupuytren’s from the initial concept, through proof of concept in laboratory tests and then clinical trials, to clinical application, indications and issues. This is a monumental achievement for Drs. Hurst and Badalamente, and a testimony to their insight and persistence. Plans were also discussed to jointly present the materials from the Stony Brook and the upcoming Miami Dupuytren Symposium ( together as one book, to be published by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand ( What a promising year for Dupuytren’s!