Radiation and Dupuytren disease

Radiation treatment of Dupuytren disease has been reported in medical journals since the 1930s. It’s difficult to study because Dupuytren disease is so unpredictable and progresses so slowly.Radiation is primarily recommended to prevent contracture in those who do not yet have contracture. The outcome of any preventative treatment has to be compared to the outcome […]

Therametrics: Possible Dupuytren Drugs

Therametrics (  has a novel approach to therapeutic drug discovery which may fit well with efforts to find a cure for Dupuytren disease. Studying Dupuytren disease is difficult because the biology is amazingly complicated. Many different types of drugs might be helpful – too many for any one person to sort through. It’s also difficult […]

Google Glass and Dupuytren Procedures

A neat use of Google Glass to record procedures for Dupuytren disease: step is to miniaturize the view and track down the culprit molecules!

Dupuytren Minute Message: Sports and exercise 3

Tread Lightly on Your Palms Dupuytren biology involves myofibroblasts, provoked by mechanical forces, among other things; nice review article here: Stretching fingers backward – intuitive, logical …and probably the exact wrong thing to do for Dupuytren. Pushups? Use pushup handles or fist pushups on padding; same for yoga downward dog position. Adapt and keep […]

Video Interviews: What would hand surgeons want for their own Dupuytren disease?

Rolling out the second video from a series of interviews at this year’s annual meeting of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Each video features  surgeons answering one question about Dupuytren disease. Twenty hand surgeons answer the question “What’s your plan if you get Dupuytren disease?” Stay tuned for more videos in coming weeks:subscribe to […]

Dupuytren Minute Message: Sports and Exercise 2

Rock Climbing and Dupuytren Disease Rock climbing increases risk of Dupuytren contracture. Read the full article here: The more hours spent, the greater the risk. Why? Dupuytren biology is fed by mechanical stress. Stress alone won’t give you Dupuytren disease, but with genetic Dupuytren risk, stressing your palms might start it early. Probably same […]

Dupuytren Minute Message: Sports and Exercise:

Mind Your Grip Sports and Exercise: Dupuytren biology is provoked by mechanical stress. If you have Dupuytren disease, don’t stop exercising, but look into ways to reduce the stress on your palms when you work out. You can cushion or shield your palms with workout gloves, pull up hooks, or pull up pads. Also, anything […]

Medical research: I have nodules but no contractures. What can I do?

I have nodules but no contractures. What can I do? The question “What can I do to keep my Dupuytren’s from getting worse or from coming back after treatment?” is the holy grail for Dupuytren’s. Dupuytren’s is not cured by surgery, and there is not an effective medical treatment to stop or slow progression. This […]