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Happy Birthday, Dupuytren!

Today Would Have Been Dupuytren’s Birthday
Guillaume Dupuytren (10/5/1777 – 2/8/1835) was born on this day in Pierre-Buffières, France. He excelled in anatomic studies and was appointed assistant surgeon at the

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Women with Dupuytren disease

Women with Dupuytren Disease
A traditional Dupuytren narrative is that Dupuytren is primarily a painless nuisance problem of bent fingers in old men. This perception does a disservice to many. Not

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Share Your Dupuytren Story

In English, the word Dupuytren is unfamiliar. It’s hard to spell and strange to pronounce (DOO-pa-tren) – and not just for English speakers. In Denmark, it’s called Kuskefingre (Coachman’s finger)

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